Prohormones – Overview, Uses And Side Effects

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Prohormones refer to the components, which convert into hormones inside the body. Also called pre-steroids, prohormones are typically used by several bodybuilding athletes for increasing lean muscle strength and mass. Their advantages are almost identical to anabolic steroids, which makes them quite popular amongst athletes.

Prohormones for sale have been in use for several years now, particularly to augment presence of specific body hormones such as testosterone. These hormones are also often used for decreasing body fat, making prohormones part of several weight-loss plans.

The process of prohormone conversion into full hormones inside the body entails a complex enzymatic procedure occurring within the liver. It’s also possible for some prohormones for sale to not transform into full hormones. The process could also majorly depend on the enzymes’ saturation level. These enzymes are behind the conversion.

Modern Versions

side effects of prohormonesThere are different prohormones for sale on the market – the popular ones being 4-androstenediol and 1-androstenediol. Both these prohormones transform into testosterone within the body and could offer major improvements in muscle strength and size. The other items available would lead to similar enhancements, but could offer other advantages such as stimulation of the extra androgenic elements and increased estrogen conversion.

Side Effects

Since prohormone usage could entail negative effects, it’s advised individuals learn more about the likely side effects they could encounter, along with the benefits. There could be a health issue associated with a few prohormones when consumed in larger dosages. If so, resorting to professional advice is recommended. Prohormone usage side effects could comprise prostate enlargement and hair loss. Generally, most of such side effects could be reduced using the right supplementation dosage. These negative effects could also be an outcome of genetics, and it’s wise to be aware of the medical problems that may be within the family.

Other Drawbacks

According to people who believe in bulking up naturally, prohormones usage is unethical. To them, perhaps the only positive attached to prohormones is the fact that it’s legal. Otherwise, the product’s expensive, doesn’t provide substantial results, and is also more dangerous compared to pharmaceutical anabolic steroids.

Cycle Support

Supplements for cycle support help safeguard the liver, along with fighting high cholesterol and blood pressure. Prohormones have varied effects on different individuals. For instance, the side effects could be severe for some, and mild for others. But the side effects do exist and cannot be taken lightly. Cycle support supplements are essential even if you are healthy.

Post-Cycle Support

Beside the lengthy list of supplements already purchased for cycle support, you must buy supplements for post-cycle support as well. The post-cycle care should prolong for a month after the prohormone cycle.

When administering prohormones, synthetic testosterone enter your body. In other words, your body’s testosterone levels are getting jacked up artificially. As a result, your body makes little natural testosterone. The scenario isn’t a problem when you are on the prohormone cycle.

However, you are in trouble after completing the prohormone cycle. Your body gets accustomed to the synthetic testosterone and is not making as much natural testosterone as it should. Your testosterone-estrogen ratio goes out of balance, which leads to a myriad of side effects.

Supplementary and Dietary Advice

If you are on a good diet, you are only advised to increase your protein consumption by 2 grams per body weight pound. Considering the oral nature of almost all prohormones, increasing water intake is recommended and also using a liver protectant like N-acetyl cysteine and Silymarin, besides fish oil. Those particularly anal should consider administering prohormones along with grapefruit juice. Theoretically, this would help increase gains through enzymes inhibition. These enzymes break drugs down, resulting in enhanced absorption.

Training Advice

Considering the fact you are on a strong prohormone that boosts muscle mass rapidly, the volume of training must be increased. However, decreasing weight increase is recommended. Rather, post cycle conclusion, it’s the ideal phase for reducing volume and increasing weight, which would help safeguard your strength and muscle gains, while ensuring low cortisol levels. A good thumb rule is doubling the regular training volume during cycle and then bringing it down to half the standard training volume during the initial weeks after cycle. Put short, if you normally perform 10 sets per session, take it up to 20 when on prohormones, and later bring it down to five till your post-cycle estrogen blocker is done with its job.