What You Should Know About Dianabol Prohormone

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Dianabol became popular from the early 70’s and has been used widely in gyms across the US when the tablets were in fact available over the counter. Currently, it is the anabolic steroid used by the majority of professional athletes as it’s considered to be among the most effective. Bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other classes of athletes believe it assists them in gaining muscle mass fast and shred body fat.

DianabolDianabol Prohormone was first introduced by Designer Supplements in 2005. Later, Competitive Edge Labs came up with an official clone known as M1,4ADD. Many prohormones manufacturers have since launched clones of M1,4ADD. It has gained great popularity among bodybuilders. The M1, 4ADD prohormones active compound is 1Methyl-1, 4 androstenediol.

The Dianabol Prohormone Cycle

Mainly utilized in bulking cycles, M1,4ADD prohormones are legal. The compound is Methyl-1,4 androstenediol, a methylated wet compound. Because it is a strong prohormone, beginners should not use it. These prohormones are known for giving strong effects due to their conversion to Dianabol and as such only advanced users ought to use them.

The M1, 4ADD prohormones are known for delivering high range results when it comes to gaining strength and mass. The users ought to expect a muscle gain of between 12 and 20 lbs in every five weeks cycle. Additionally, this prohormone comes with a wet compound, therefore,  you need to work on your water retention when using it. Being a methylated prohormone, it’s essential to take some form of a liver support supplement or be on a complete cycle support supplement best prohormones for sale.

Dianabol Prohormone Dosing

Typically, the average M1 4ADD cycle’s length is 4-to-5 weeks (most common) and 6-weeks being seen to be more on the extreme/advanced side. Experts generally recommend keeping cycles at a 5 weeks maximum.  The maximum dosage recommended on the bottle is 90mg daily, although through extensive experimentation, this simply makes a good point to start.  The best daily range is generally 120mg, with 150mg reserved for the very few hardcore users who are ready to take the potential risk.

Dianabol Prohormone is known to work relatively quickly and you ought to start experiencing some effects of the steroid compound well under the initial 2 weeks. However, one of the major downsides to this compound is the relatively short half life, suggested to be in the range of 4 to 5 hours. Due to this, the dosage ought to be split up equally by 4-5 hours so as to provide the user with maximum daily coverage.  It is recommended that on your lifting days you should take one of the dosages about an hour prior to beginning your gym session.

In several instances, taking a steroid dosage before you go to bed could impact negatively on sleep, so consider that.  Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to take each Dianabol Prohormone dosage with essential fatty acid supplements (EFA’s) such as fish oil so as boost absorption. Also it is recommended that at each dosage, you consume 16+ ounces of water.

Common Side Effects

Using Dianabol Prohormone brings about water retention, explaining why users tend to rapidly gain much weight in the first weeks. The retained water can cause one to have a bloated look, leaving the users with a round neck and face. However, the water is beneficial during each cycle helping in lubricating your joints. Once you stop using the steroid, expect to lose the water related weight quickly.

Other potential side effects include:

• Increased hair shedding/Increased hair growth 
• Aggravation of existing Gyno
• Sensitive/Puffy Nipples
• Joint Discomfort
• Increased aggression
• Back Pumps (Dull back pain during/after workouts)
• Feeling of euphoria
• Decreased or Increased Libido
• Headaches, flushing plus several other physical side effects can also happen.

It’s worth noting that most of the above mentioned side effects are really inconvenience-related than major possible health issues. For the most part, they can easily be resolved through supplementation, and being informed on how to combat them.


For steroid users and first time users, Dianabol Prohormone isn’t recommended. Experts recommended that you should at least have one successful cycle under your belt, preferably on a methylated compound before you consider using it.

Similar to any steroid, Dianabol have been proved to be very helpful to anybody seeking to gain muscle and weight. Taken in the appropriate cycle and dosage, this ultimate bulking steroid is more effective and safer compared to the majority of steroids available on the market today.